The most talked-about sector in the Dwarka is Sector 10. Exceedingly developed and well-populated, Dwarka sector 10 puts across prime services along with modern recreational facilities that cannot be availed in any other sector within the vicinity of the Dwarka. Besides that, its high connectivity with the prominent and urbanized sectors of Dwarka gives good options to the residents and travellers passing via its route linked in terms of connectivity and basic services. Sector 10 is one of the important sectors in Dwarka. There are numerous properties in Dwarka Sector 10 and it is an attractive site for those searching for residential property in Delhi. Following are a few key highlights of the area:

Residential Overview

Following is the list of society flats in Dwarka Sector-10:

  1. Shiv Shakti Apartment Plot No 10, Sector 10 Dwarka Delhi
  2. Bandhu Vihar Apartment Plot No 11, Sector 10 Dwarka Delhi
  3. Iit Engineers Apartment Plot No 12, Sector 10 Dwarka Delhi
  4. Prerna Apartment Plot No 13, Sector 10 Dwarka Delhi
  5. Godrej Apartment Plot No 14, Sector 10 Dwarka Delhi
  6. Saral Apartment Plot No 15, Sector 10 Dwarka Delhi
  7. Shakuntalam Apartment Plot No 16, Sector 10 Dwarka Delhi
  8. Maitri Apartment ( Indian AO & E CGHS ) Plot No 17, Sector 10 Dwarka Delhi
  9. Fakhruddin Apartment Plot No 18, Sector 10 Dwarka Delhi
  10. Nanda Devi Apartment Plot No 19, Sector 10 Dwarka Delhi
  11. Hilansh Apartment Plot No 1, Sector 10 Dwarka Delhi
  12. Supriya Apartment Plot No 20, Sector 10 Dwarka Delhi
  13. Divya Apartment Plot No 21, Sector 10 Dwarka Delhi
  14. New Adarsh Apartment Plot No 22, Sector 10 Dwarka Delhi
  15. Bharat Petroleum Apartment Plot No 23A, Sector 10 Dwarka Delhi
  16. Apna Villa Apartment Plot No 23, Sector 10 Dwarka Delhi
  17. Mass Apartment Plot No 24, Sector 10 Dwarka Delhi
  18. The Nei Apartment Plot No 25, Sector 10 Dwarka Delhi
  19. Mann Bhawan Apartment Plot No 26, Sector 10 Dwarka Delhi
  20. Gayatri Apartment Plot No 27, Sector 10 Dwarka Delhi
  21. Kosmos Apartment Plot No 28, Sector 10 Dwarka Delhi
  22. Dmp Apartment Plot No 29A, Sector 10 Dwarka Delhi
  23. Prabhavi Apartment Plot No 29B, Sector 10 Dwarka Delhi
  24. Dharam Vihar Apartment Plot No 2, Sector 10 Dwarka Delhi
  25. Rohit Apartment Plot No 30, Sector 10 Dwarka Delhi
  26. Suruchi Apartment Plot No 31, Sector 10 Dwarka Delhi
  27. Shama Apartment Plot No 32, Sector 10 Dwarka Delhi
  28. New Cosmopolitan Apartment Plot No 33, Sector 10 Dwarka Delhi
  29. Madhur Jiwan Apartment Plot No 34, Sector 10 Dwarka Delhi
  30. The Great Layal Pur Apartment Plot No 35, Sector 10 Dwarka Delhi
  31. Vinayak Apartment Plot No 36, Sector 10 Dwarka Delhi
  32. Thiruvizha Apartment Plot No 37, Sector 10 Dwarka Delhi
  33. Eligibal Apartment Plot No 38, Sector 10 Dwarka Delhi
  34. Pacific Apartment Plot No 39, Sector 10 Dwarka Delhi
  35. Rashtrapati Bca Apartment Plot No 3, Sector 10 Dwarka Delhi
  36. Baroda House Apartment ( Nrge CGHS ) Plot No 40A, Sector 10 Dwarka Delhi
  37. Niji Apartment Plot No 40B, Sector 10 Dwarka Delhi
  38. Elephanta Heights Apartment Plot No 41, Sector 10 Dwarka Delhi
  39. Manchahat Apartment Plot No 42, Sector 10 Dwarka Delhi
  40. Rajnigandha Apartment Plot No 4, Sector 10 Dwarka Delhi
  41. Amba Apartment Plot No 5, Sector 10 Dwarka Delhi
  42. Hmm Employees Apartment Plot No 6, Sector 10 Dwarka Delhi
  43. Pragjyotishpur Apartment Plot No 7, Sector 10 Dwarka Delhi
  44. Chandanwari Apartment Plot No 8, Sector 10 Dwarka Delhi
  45. The Gandhi Ashram Apartment Plot No 9, Sector 10 Dwarka Delhi


There is one DDA Flat in Dwarka Sector-10: 

  1. DDA Sfs Flats Cat I & II

Connectivity and Transportation Options

Dwarka-Sector 10 is very well connected to its surroundings by road as well as the metro. It is situated close to Dwarka sector 10 bus terminal, Muthoot hospital, Sector 10 market X-ing, Sector 6/10 X-ing, Sector 6/10 market bus stand, Skylark apartment, President cabinet apartment, District court and N.H.A.I building. It is also situated on an average distance of 1-2 Kms from Dwarka Sector-10 metro station.    

Education and Health

There are several schools near Dwarka Sector-10 like GD Goenka Public School, Venkateshwar International School, RPVV Dwarka, Indraprastha International School, Vandana International School, Gold Feild Public School, Rising Star Junior School, Saraswati modern school, Central Academy International School, Shree ram world school, Kendriya Vidyalaya boys school, Sarvodaya Vidyalaya, Modern International School sector 19 and St. Gregoria’s School sector 11. One can also find several coaching classes and institutes in Dwarka Sector-10 including Gyansanstha IIT JEE, Inspire institute of science, Kumon Maths and Science, Exam Expert, EnglishMate, Brilliance, Carving Minds, R.A.S Language institute, Achiever’s league, BRDS, Heuristic Academy, Pinnacle, Studymate and Tejaswani Classes.            

Healthcare facilities in Dwarka Sector-10 are also in abundance. There are several hospitals in Dwarka Sector 10 including Ayushman Hospital, Integrated district health society, DGD, Indira Gandhi Hospital, Muthoot Hospital, Center for sight eye Institute and Govt. Dispensary.                                           

Basic Necessities

For day-to-day needs, there are several convenience stores in Dwarka Sector 10 the most popular ones being Daily Delite, Green Fresh, Home Groceries Store, 24X7 and Sector 6 – 10 Market. 

There are also few gas stations in Dwarka Sector 10 like IOC Kargil CNG, IOC CNG, Ganga Petrol Pump and IGL. 

Banking facilities in Dwarka Sector 10 are easily accessible and it has banks and ATM’s of HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank (Sec 11), SBI, South Indian Bank, Induslnd Bank, Andhra Bank, Indian Overseas Bank, Vijaya Bank, PNB, Canara Bank and Bank of Maharashtra sector 11. Additionally, it also has ATM’s of Citi Bank and Axis Bank.

Lifestyle and Livability 

Dwarka Sector 10 also has places for recreation like Pinnacle Mall, Sector 6 – 10 Market and DDA Sports complex. There are enough provisions of security. It has good metro connectivity to Vaishali / Noida and Airport metro line till New Delhi. 5. Sector 10 ranks high on convenience and recreation due to presence of sector 6 – 10 market, which is the food and shopping hub in Dwarka and presence of Pinnacle mall which again is a good hangout and shopping location.

Price Trend 

The price of properties in Dwarka Sector 10 ranges from a lower cap of Rs.7600 per square feet (PSF) and goes to a maximum of Rs.10150 per square feet. The average price is Rs.8900 per square feet. Overall one can find affordable properties in Dwarka Sector 10. There are also a lot of flats in Dwarka for those looking forward to buying a flat. If one is looking to go for apartments in Dwarka, Sector 10 is a place where you might find your dream house.