Why Us

Do you remember the first time you drew a house with your crayons on a drawing sheet and started planning that one day, you will own such a house? Well now that you have grown up, you realize that it is not a cake walk rather an uphill task to buy a house. Little do you realize that the most important factor while taking such decisions is the right guidance and that is what Flats and Keys will ensure.

The heart and soul of our success is our team of experienced professionals that specializes in the full gamut of property classes including residential, commercial etc. our culture is fastened in integrity, professionalism and best quality services. We pride ourselves on being a close-knit team which is small enough to build a personal relationship with you but large enough to provide each resource necessary to make your experience smooth, stress free, and fruitful. By embracing a collaborative culture and a unique approach to real estate buying that you won’t find anywhere else in the industry, we ensure that our team is fervently committed to communication and connection, working with you meticulously to understand your needs and help you attain exactly the deal you want. We do not rush you into making hasty decisions. We want you to move through your home buying experiences at your own pace and feel confident that when you are ready to make a move, we are there to assist you with every further step. We strive to be the support and key partner your endeavors demand, providing precise advice and protecting your future and interests.

Flats and Keys is a customer focused, research oriented real estate brokerage firm which helps individuals and corporates buy property across India through consultative approach by understanding client requirement though a structured process and providing them with best options available through constant research and analysis.  We have designed a comprehensive tool to evaluate a project on multiple parameters. A team of Property Experts track and analyze factors affecting real estate buying decision to enable our clients to make an informed decision.

Born out of the need to streamline the search for a home, free of fake listings and interminable site visits, Flats and Keys is a unique that aims to fill the gaps left by others in the real estate market. With the most trustworthy team of professionals and led by zealous and dedicated individuals, we are poised to be the one-stop solution to all your property concerns.

With in-depth knowledge and extensive experience, we are cognizant with every aspect of real estate and its ever-changing dynamics. Our experience assists us in customizing solutions in accordance with the specific demands of our revered customers. Our solutions are exclusively tailored to meet the divergent needs of Real Estate Sector at the same time being very flexible and suiting all kinds of budgets.

When you choose Flats and Keys, you not only get relieved of the hassle of finding right properties but also enter in to a long-term relationship with your personal real estate consultants who will take care of everything for you. Our consultative approach towards Buying Property is unique and sets us apart from other real estate agents. We will guide you through every step of the process from the day you connect with us to the day you step into your dream home. We understand that the success of any organization depends largely on their ability to stand out in the dynamic environment and beat the best out of client’s imagination. Our team of experts stays constantly updated with the market dynamics delivering cohesive services based on market insight and prudence, thorough research and relevant market facts. and at the same time makes an effort to develop lasting client relationships built on best quality service, faith and collaboration.